They come in all shapes and sizes
No, I am not talking about clothes
I am talking about the best animal there is
One who is always there for you.

Humans aren’t even half as loyal as them
They wait for you forever
They love you forever
Even if you don’t

They are cute, furry little burritos
You can play with them all day
You can talk with them all day
You won’t really need anyone else.

It is a pity they can’t speak
Although if you truly love them
You will understand them

They are the awesomest beings
It’s true-
When you need a hand
You will find a paw🐾

What am I, to you?

Hello everybody!! I am back from my hiatus with a new poem! It is about fake friends and I sorta wrote it for my friend who had an assignment. I mean, it isn’t meant for him, but like he had to write a poem for an assignment, and he needed help, so I gave him the framework. Anyhow, so it goes (TS lyric intended)

Do you even know me?
My innermost feelings
Or do you just pretend
To be my best friend?

Have you ever tried to know me?
Or was I just another person
To be enchanted by your charm?
Just another fish you caught.

You say you are my best friend
But I often wonder
Am I?
I know nothing of you.

Actually, it might be my fault
For being so naive
To be caught up in your beautiful words
To be caught up in your goofy grin

Now tell me truthfully
Are you really my friend
Or am I just another pawn of yours?
I will be awaiting your reply……


When I cry
When I am sad
I try to plaster a smile on my face
To cope with it

When I am melancholic
When I have lost all hope
I try to crack jokes
To cope with it

When I am distressed
When I am heartbroken
I read cheesy, cringey romance novels
To cope with it

When I suffer a loss
When I feel numb with pain
I find happiness in the smallest things
To cope with it

When I can’t control myself
And I need to pour out my feelings someplace
I write poetry
To cope with it.

When I grow sadder
And nothing else works
I talk to people
To cope with it

What is ‘it’, you ask?
‘It’ is loss of a loved one, whether real or fictional
‘It’ is loss of a thing you love, whether it be a book or your favourite football
‘It’ is anything that makes you sad.


Okay, so I wrote this poem about three weeks ago, when I was still coping with my grandma’s death. Today, it has been exactly one month since she died, so I thought of posting it. Hope you like it! 🙂


It starts from you
It grows in you
It feeds on you
Like a Dementor

It envelops you
It numbs you
It engulfs you
Like a painkiller

You feel nothing
You see nothing
Of the griefs of other people
Yes, they are grieving too

You can put an end it to it
You can let it take you away
To a desolate place
Yes, that place is the arms of death

It can harm you
If you let it harm you
You can defeat it
If you don’t dwell on it
IT is sadness.


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