Is this okay?

You saw me as a naive little girl
You observed me all day, for countless days
I was scared, but I didn’t say anything
I was scared, because, what would society say?

You saw me as your target
As if I am just a plaything, nothing else
You came to talk to me
I was scared, but still didn’t say anything

You touched me even though I said no
You scarred me for life
I wasn’t sure if I would ever be okay again
But you didn’t care, as to you, I was nothing.

You entered me without my consent,
I screamed, you gagged me
Once you were done, you picked me up
In your unkind hands, and threw me away

I asked myself if this was okay
I contemplated on it for days
I didn’t ask anyone
But my inner voice screamed- NO IT’S NOT

I was disgusted at what had been done to me
But I was even more disgusted by myself
I couldn’t even stand for myself
I couldn’t even shout for myself.

I was now scared to live in this evil world,
I was scared to be called human
Because, this was what man really was
A dirty, disgusting monster.

So, this is a poem on sexual harassment, a topic very serious. Recently, I have been reading about the increasing cases of rape in my country, and I decided to write a poem on it. It wasn’t the easiest task, but well, this was my best try. I hope you like it, and if you do, do like and comment šŸ™‚

Are you really my friend?

That other day,
I told you about how I had fallen in love
With a fictional character
All you did was mock me

That other day,
I vented my feelings out to you
You roasted me, instead of steadying me
Saying, “This is my job.”

That other day,
I told you my true feelings about him
Instead of being my wingman
You chased him away from me

That other day,
I told you about how I had reached 300 followers
You reacted with a simple “awesome”
As if you weren’t happy for me.

That other day,
I told you that someone close to me had died
You left me on read
And didn’t even send a RIP

That other day,
I needed a shoulder to weep on
You brushed me off
Saying that you had worn your favourite dress.

That other day,
I asked you if everything was okay
You pushed me away
Saying that it was none of my business

That other day,
You found out that I hadn’t I invited you to my birthday
You asked me why,
Is this an answer strong enough?

That other day,
You asked me why I had stopped telling you things
Is this an answer clear enough
Or do you need more?

Uh, this poem is just a cumulation of bad friendships I have had in my life, some of the stanzas mean something, some don’tšŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø


Yeah another haiku.

I opened my textbook
Suddenly, my stomach growled
I put off studying.


So, basically, my brain reminds me of all the ‘important’ stuff I have to do, just when sit down to study, and this poem’s just a depiction of that!

Panic Attack

Last night I had a panic attack
My first ever.
I had had mild ones before,
but this one scared me.

I tried playing some music
I played Ed Sheeran
I played Shawn Mendes
But to no avail.

I tried playing my favourite game
It’s a cooking game
I served dishes
But to no avail.

I tried playing the guitar
I played pop songs
I played rock songs
But to no avail.

I tried painting,
I picked a picture
I picked a brush
But to no avail.

I tried reading
A new book
An old favourite
But to no avail.

I tried to talk to someone
I looked around, I saw no one
I realised that all I had was me
I realised that I might be broken


I had a panic attack a few days ago, my first one ever, and it was scary. So I tried to pen down my emotions. Parts of it were true, parts of it weren’t.

Let me know down below if you liked it.

It’s THEIR Loss

I am scared
That I am not smart enough
To become something
To bring a change in the world

I am scared
That I am so stupid
That I might ruin my perfectly good relationships
Just because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut

I am scared
That I am not beautiful enough
For someone to actually like me
Because people do judge books on the basis of their covers

I am scared
That I am so weird
That no one will want to be friends with me
Once I grow up

I am scared
That I am not good enough
Because I am no one’s number one person
And I am not even talking about a romantic partner

But then that tiny little voice in my head reminds me
If no one can love you for who you are
It’s their loss
Not yours.

Wow, that was deep. I kinda surprised myself writing a poem on insecurities. But the truth is, everyone has insecurities, but they rarely talk about it. These aren’t mine, but it’s just a general observation of human insecurities. It’s also kinda inspired by Cath from Fangirl. Sorta.


It fills you up
Like air in a hot air balloon
You blossom and bloom
Like a flower when groomed.

It knocks at your door
When you are least expecting it
Its appearance is not unwelcome
On the contrary, it is a prize for your soul

Those truly happy for you
When it comes your way
Are your true friends
They won’t ever leave you

Little things give way to it
Watching a baby play
Goofing around with your pals
And sometimes even a dad joke

But the big ones are the ones that matter more
Scoring well in the most important exam
The day you get your first job
The day you fall in love with your child

It takes you to the seventh heaven
You feel like shouting about it to the world
You feel like hugging and forgiving everyone
You feel like nothing else matters in that moment.

What is it, you ask?
It is the most important thing in life
Something you cannot live without
It is happiness- that sunshiney feeling.


It didn’t hurt as much

I was driving by
And I saw you pass by me
It didn’t hurt as much.

Okay, so I tried my hand at a haiku, and while it isn’t that great, tell me in the comments how it actually is. If it wasn’t clear, then basically it is a haiku about getting over someone. When you are in love with someone, and you see them walk past you, it hurts, but once you get over the person, it doesn’t pain as much.


So, I lost my grandpa on 25th April , and I wrote this haiku in honour of his death. I am not really sure how to process my thoughts right now, so it’s just this for now.

I didn’t ever think
I would lose two grandparents
In just one year.


Um, yeah that’s all for now.

P.S.- For those of you who do not know, I lost my grandma back in January, so that’s the reference in the poem.


I am tired
Tired of having to spend
All night finishing assignments
That won’t even ever helping

I am tired
Tired of sleeping late
Because I was too busy

I am tired
Tired of staying up late
Studying all night before the exam
Because I didn’t study before

I am tired
Tired of being misunderstood
Oh, the sleepless nights I have spent
Just… overthinking

I am tired
Tired of being there for others
Except that when I need a shoulder to cry
There’s nothing but the void.

I have come to realise
That I should be done
With what others think
With what others do.
My actions will speak louder
Than theirs
And that’s all
That really matters.



So, I tried writing a haiku today. For those of you who do not know, it’s a three line poem with the first line having 5 syllables, the second having 7 and the third having 5. So it goes….

One followed another
Droplets flowing down my cheeks
A smile adorning me.

So, I am hoping it was apparent, but just in case it wasn’t (tell me if it wasn’t), this poem is for tears of joy and not of grief.

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