Red trickles down my thighs
And I am suddenly impure
Forbidden to do so many things
An account I can’t keep

I cannot touch the temple
Nor can I pray to God
Even watering the holy Tulsi
Is out of question

Entering the kitchen is a sin too
Neither can I cook for others
Nor for myself
Because I am suddenly so impure

As if that wasn’t all
I cannot even share my pain with anyone else
Speaking the name is a taboo
Some disease, that should remain unnamed

If I am so impure
Why did you shower so much love on that baby
It is born of that blood which made me impure
It is born of that blood you fear so much.

So, as you might have guessed this poem is on menstruation. While it isn’t such a big taboo in my home, it is a taboo in a lot of Indian homes, and I just thought I would speak about it. Hope you liked the poem!


The other day
Someone asked me
What they should do for their career
I told them,
To just do what they love.

The other day
Someone asked me
How to subtly let their crush know
That they like them
I told them to just say it upfront.

The other day
Someone asked me
How to get over family issues
I told them,
That they should talk to people about it

The other day
Someone asked me
How to not get addicted to social media
I told them,
That they should just shut the notifications

I find it extremely funny
That I end up giving good advice
To almost everybody
Everyone I know
Turns to me for advice some time.

I find it extremely funny
That I don’t know what I am gonna do next
That my life is a mess
Yet somehow,
I am the person people come to.

There are a lot of people who give advice, but their own life is haywire, and I honestly feel sometimes I am one of them. So, I thought, hey, why don’t I write a poem on this! So , here it is, and let me know how you found it in the comments!


Two years ago,
I was a sweet kid
Like a bud
Who would flower into something beautiful

Two years ago,
I was a sweet kid
Full of ambition
Full of new revolutionary ideas

Two years ago,
I was a sweet kid
Who never lied
Least of all to people who she loved

Two years ago,
I was a sweet kid
She was a happy soul
Passion drove her

Now, I am not
Any of those things
I wish to go back
To change my mistakes.

Now, I am a disappointment
To everyone around me
I am still a bud
But I am withering

Now, I am a mystery to myself
Someone who is not growing anymore
She is retracting her claws of ambition
She is withdrawing away from everything good.

Now, I am a grimace
On the face of society
I wish I could change
I hope I can change

Until I change
I have to live with this self-destroyed version of me
A version no one loves
Not even me.

Like always, this is just a poem!! It is just how one mistake can change your life. I have seen this happening to people around me, and thought that I would just write a poem on it. Do let me know how you thought it was!


Blue is such a pretty colour
It fills me with happiness
Every time I see it
Not all the shades, but most of them

It is a colour that is associated with masculinity
A concept that’s foreign to me
A girl can wear blue
And a guy can wear pink

It is associated with sadness
And I don’t see the point of that either
Because, I always feel happy
When I see my favourite shade of blue.

It is associated with tranquility
While it gives me peace
It might boil you up
Or I might just be wrong

It is like that with humans too
I might like you
While my friend might not,
I might be good
But you may think I am evil,
To each their own
And that’s all I am saying.

Okay, this poem was a little vague and cryptic and some might even think weird, but let me know your thoughts all the same! Also, let me know if you want me to like do a series of poems on different colours and my interpretations of them!

A poem on Why Don’t We

My heart is yours
Jonah, Corbyn, Zach
Daniel and Jack
I have fallen for your music.

Your voice is so mature
And yet so pure
My heart gives a somersault each time I hear it.

Your voice is smooth like butter
My heart gives a flutter
Each time I hear it.

I can make out your voice in each song
I always sing along
Not one word goes amiss.

Your voice is… different
It relays your feelings… it’s transparent
It’s just beautiful.

I love the way you use your voice
To make music of your choice
It always somehow calms me down

But the real beauty
Is in the harmony of your voices
It makes me rejoice
Every single time.

The real beauty
Also lies in the fact
That you are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
You complete each other.

Your music fills me with a feeling
I can’t really describe
All I know is that
It is a beam of positivity.

I love you all,
That’s all I really wanted to say
Please always stay together
Don’t break our hearts… please.


For those of you who don’t know, Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Zach and Jack form a band named Why Don’t We and I absolutely head over heels in love with their music (in case the poem didn’t make that clear).
Please do go and listen to their music as it is awesome with a capital A. Also, if any of you is friends with the band members (or if you are Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Zach or Jack), please show this poem to them and say that it is from me! I have DMed and emailed it to them, so well🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
And just please listen to their music, okay?

Did you like the poem? Let me know in the comments!


They come in all shapes and sizes
No, I am not talking about clothes
I am talking about the best animal there is
One who is always there for you.

Humans aren’t even half as loyal as them
They wait for you forever
They love you forever
Even if you don’t

They are cute, furry little burritos
You can play with them all day
You can talk with them all day
You won’t really need anyone else.

It is a pity they can’t speak
Although if you truly love them
You will understand them

They are the awesomest beings
It’s true-
When you need a hand
You will find a paw🐾


There is always one person
Who loves you more than the others
But when that someone stops loving you
The world comes crashing down around you

She had never known love
In any place except
Her mother’s arms
She had always counted on it

So when her mother stopped
Loving her
And began to think lowly of her
Her world came crashing down

She lost all hope
Her heart shattered
And she became a person
She never was.

Her father told her she could count on him
Her sister told her she could count on her
Her friends told her she could count on them
But she knew she was dead inside

Nothing was left to do now
Except to walk into the arms of death
That is what she thought of doing
That is what she very nearly did.

But then she remembered,
She could be rekindled,
She could be resurrected
She could bounce back.

She dedicated her life to herself.
She never counted on anyone’s love
Except God’s
Because she knew She would do the best for her.

Today she is the world’s bestselling author
Her name is known to non-readers as well
Her biggest dream came true
She has finally found peace
In her own fiery heart.


Black or white?

Humans have a very unique power-
The power to formulate their thoughts
These thoughts lead to actions
And actions ultimately lead to consequences.

These ‘actions’ are either right or wrong
There’s no in-between
It’s nearly always black or white
There’s nearly never grey

However, when an action is white to you
It is always black to someone else
You can never convince them
Cause they are too stuck in their ways

And when an action is black to you
It is white to them
You will always have an opponent
Whose heart you cannot win

They get angry, but won’t bear with you
When you get irate
It’s their way
Let them be

These people, although, are very important
In your development as a person
They criticize you
They show you your faults

The key is to listen to them
But not let them get to your head
As they aren’t always helpful
They are too stubborn

Then there’s just one thing to do
Follow your heart, always
It will lead you to your destination
Mold the positivity in you
And channel it out
You will shine
Brighter and higher
Than any other.

What am I, to you?

Hello everybody!! I am back from my hiatus with a new poem! It is about fake friends and I sorta wrote it for my friend who had an assignment. I mean, it isn’t meant for him, but like he had to write a poem for an assignment, and he needed help, so I gave him the framework. Anyhow, so it goes (TS lyric intended)

Do you even know me?
My innermost feelings
Or do you just pretend
To be my best friend?

Have you ever tried to know me?
Or was I just another person
To be enchanted by your charm?
Just another fish you caught.

You say you are my best friend
But I often wonder
Am I?
I know nothing of you.

Actually, it might be my fault
For being so naive
To be caught up in your beautiful words
To be caught up in your goofy grin

Now tell me truthfully
Are you really my friend
Or am I just another pawn of yours?
I will be awaiting your reply……

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