Blue is such a pretty colour
It fills me with happiness
Every time I see it
Not all the shades, but most of them

It is a colour that is associated with masculinity
A concept that’s foreign to me
A girl can wear blue
And a guy can wear pink

It is associated with sadness
And I don’t see the point of that either
Because, I always feel happy
When I see my favourite shade of blue.

It is associated with tranquility
While it gives me peace
It might boil you up
Or I might just be wrong

It is like that with humans too
I might like you
While my friend might not,
I might be good
But you may think I am evil,
To each their own
And that’s all I am saying.

Okay, this poem was a little vague and cryptic and some might even think weird, but let me know your thoughts all the same! Also, let me know if you want me to like do a series of poems on different colours and my interpretations of them!

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