A poem on Why Don’t We

My heart is yours
Jonah, Corbyn, Zach
Daniel and Jack
I have fallen for your music.

Your voice is so mature
And yet so pure
My heart gives a somersault each time I hear it.

Your voice is smooth like butter
My heart gives a flutter
Each time I hear it.

I can make out your voice in each song
I always sing along
Not one word goes amiss.

Your voice is… different
It relays your feelings… it’s transparent
It’s just beautiful.

I love the way you use your voice
To make music of your choice
It always somehow calms me down

But the real beauty
Is in the harmony of your voices
It makes me rejoice
Every single time.

The real beauty
Also lies in the fact
That you are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
You complete each other.

Your music fills me with a feeling
I can’t really describe
All I know is that
It is a beam of positivity.

I love you all,
That’s all I really wanted to say
Please always stay together
Don’t break our hearts… please.


For those of you who don’t know, Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Zach and Jack form a band named Why Don’t We and I absolutely head over heels in love with their music (in case the poem didn’t make that clear).
Please do go and listen to their music as it is awesome with a capital A. Also, if any of you is friends with the band members (or if you are Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Zach or Jack), please show this poem to them and say that it is from me! I have DMed and emailed it to them, so well🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
And just please listen to their music, okay?

Did you like the poem? Let me know in the comments!

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