There is always one person
Who loves you more than the others
But when that someone stops loving you
The world comes crashing down around you

She had never known love
In any place except
Her mother’s arms
She had always counted on it

So when her mother stopped
Loving her
And began to think lowly of her
Her world came crashing down

She lost all hope
Her heart shattered
And she became a person
She never was.

Her father told her she could count on him
Her sister told her she could count on her
Her friends told her she could count on them
But she knew she was dead inside

Nothing was left to do now
Except to walk into the arms of death
That is what she thought of doing
That is what she very nearly did.

But then she remembered,
She could be rekindled,
She could be resurrected
She could bounce back.

She dedicated her life to herself.
She never counted on anyone’s love
Except God’s
Because she knew She would do the best for her.

Today she is the world’s bestselling author
Her name is known to non-readers as well
Her biggest dream came true
She has finally found peace
In her own fiery heart.


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