Black or white?

Humans have a very unique power-
The power to formulate their thoughts
These thoughts lead to actions
And actions ultimately lead to consequences.

These ‘actions’ are either right or wrong
There’s no in-between
It’s nearly always black or white
There’s nearly never grey

However, when an action is white to you
It is always black to someone else
You can never convince them
Cause they are too stuck in their ways

And when an action is black to you
It is white to them
You will always have an opponent
Whose heart you cannot win

They get angry, but won’t bear with you
When you get irate
It’s their way
Let them be

These people, although, are very important
In your development as a person
They criticize you
They show you your faults

The key is to listen to them
But not let them get to your head
As they aren’t always helpful
They are too stubborn

Then there’s just one thing to do
Follow your heart, always
It will lead you to your destination
Mold the positivity in you
And channel it out
You will shine
Brighter and higher
Than any other.

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